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Dave Katz
I cut and paste sports factoids from Wikipedia


  • John Rampton

    John Rampton

    Entrepreneur, Writer, Online Marketing Guy, Blogger, Husband and Full Time Computer Nerd. Founder @Calendar and @Due

  • Lorie Pratt

    Lorie Pratt

  • JenBrooke


    I'm a Transsexual woman, a medical doctor..just a caring worldly submissive complicated mess :-)

  • Hank Katz

    Hank Katz

  • Sal Poliandro

    Sal Poliandro

    Married hs sweetheart, 3 kids. Helping people preserve wealth and avoid foreclosure by being the short sale guy dot org.

  • Jules Polonetsky

    Jules Polonetsky

    CEO, Future of Privacy Forum, former NYC Commissioner of Consumer Affairs, NY State Legislator. CPO AOL, DoubleClick.

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